Where'd you learn to cook, truck driving school?
Gourmet Guy

Gourmet Guy (or Fat Shy Guy or Fat Guy) is a character that sometimes appears in the SM64 bloopers. 



  • Some people are confused with Gourmet Guy being Shy Guy's brother since they're both red, both have white mask and both end with Guy.
  • So far, his only major appearance is Tornado Attack.
  • Gourmet Guy can barely fit in any kart due to how big and fat he is.
  • Most of the time Princess Peach makes him cake, he hates it and says "Where'd you learn to cook, truck driving school?!".
  • He is one of the three characters who the tornado got and created so much wind, it sent him flying to Bowser's Castle. The other two are Shy Guy and Mario, whom the three had to escape and make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom(which is the main plot of the blooper).
  • In Shy Guy's Summer Vacation, he was to watch Princess Peach's Castle while the heroes were on vacation.
Gourmet Guy
Gourmet Guy
Gender Male
Species Shy Guy
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Fork and Knive


Current Status(es) Eating