I'm with Stupid

Title card for I'm with Stupid.

Season 2 is the second season of SM64 Bloopers. 


  • Episode 51 - Weezing's Smoke - The Pokemon Weezing spreads poisonous smoke around the Mushroom Kingdom, making everyone except Luigi and Daisy sick.
  • Episode 52 - You are Tube - Angered because Splatoon matches aren't going her way, Coco takes her frustration out on SMG4's computer. However, she accidentally crashes Youtube's hard drive and must fix it before the gang return from vacation.
  • Episode 53 - I'm with Stupid - Shy Guy must survive a game night with Steve.
  • Episode 54 - Crazy Dance Party - Steve organizes a fete, but things don't go like planned.
  • Episode 55 - Retaliation of the Chompurples - SMG3 leads the Chompurples on a rampage in an attempt to use them to destroy SMG4.
  • Episode 56 - The Vendetta of The Imposter - The Imposter returns for requital.
  • Episode 57 - Roger, Roger. - Mario, Luigi, and Steve meet Roger That (that's his actual name) and join the FBA to find the culprit in a murder mystery.
  • Episode 58 - No Happiness For Thou - When Coco gets a bad luck charm, she and everyone else start having extreme bad luck.
  • Episode 59 - Thwomp's Special Quiz - Thwomp hosts a quiz program.
  • Episode 60 - Merry Benighted Yuletide - The Bandit Gang and Bowser steal Santa's christmas presents and it's up to Shy Guy and Billy the Penguin to save Christmas.
  • Episode 61 - New Years Day - The new year is just beginning, but SMG3 accidentally freezes time.
  • Episode 62 - The Secret of Passover - The Easter Bunny's eggs are stolen by a mesmerized Yoshi.
  • Episode 63 - Santa-Claus is doin' strange - When Coco gets tired of Christmas, SMG3 offers to help her by drugging Santa Claus.
  • Episode 64 - Dyna Blade's Attack - SMG3 awakens Dyna Blade in hopes it will help him, but it goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the city.
  • Episode 65 - Race for Pasta - John Geyham hosts a race. The winner achieves Italian Food. But Mario cheats. John notices this and tries to get Mario before he escapes with the prize.
  • Episode 66 - The Weirdo Military - The army starts arresting and executing innocent people. Smg3 is behind this.
  • Episode 67 - Graveside Ghouls - It's Halloween ! But what should Halloween be without real pesterers ? When the Mushroom Kingdom gets terrorized by real phantoms, Halloween becomes a race against the clock...
  • Episode 68 - Behind Chain Chomp's Gate - Mario accidentally locks himself behind bars along with Chain Chomp.
  • Episode 69 - Where's The Toaster? - When Alex accidentally drops Shy Guy's toaster into the river, she tries to raise enough money to buy a new one, until the toaster is found by thieves.
  • Episode 70 - And There Is X - X returns for revenge.
  • Episode 71 - OiramOiram12345 X and the Dark Star - OO12345 and X meet the Ztar from SMG4's Bad Stars video and try to help it through its dual personality.
  • Episode 72 - Luigi's Paschal - A chameleon tries to ruin Easter and runs loose on the castle.
  • Episode 73 - Operation Blackmail - Peach assembles a team to get back her new boots after SMG3 blackmailed her into giving them to him.
  • Episode 74 - The Buttocks of the Tortoise - Bowser gets kicked off a platform and sends SMG3 to find whoever did so.
  • Episode 75 - Swag, Loot, and Bounty - Coco tries to commit a robbery with swag, but ends up having a bounty of $250 planted on her.
  • Episode 76 - Hitmen, Bounty Hunters, Gunslingers and Marksmen - Continuing from the previous episode, Coco struggles to get away from her bounty hunters.
  • Episode 77 - Computer Hack - Luigi hacks into SMG4's computer to find the secret location of the Golden Spaghetti, but ends up accidentally summoning the Giant Mario Head.
  • Episode 78 - The New Youtuber - A new guy named PhotoSwap889 joins YouTube and infuriates SMG4 by making better videos than he does.
  • Episode 79 - The Wrong Channel - SMG4 and MM54321 end up stuck in the other's body and Luigi must try to fix it.
  • Episode 80 - May the Force Be With You - A meteor strikes SMG3 and gives him the Force. Luigi must use gravity and magnetism to stop him.
  • Episode 81 - Gayness Overload - Coco gives SMG4, RM, Peach, MM54321, and Bowser the "Gayness Overload" potion and SMG3 and Luigi must work together to steal the antidote from her.
  • Episode 82 - Just Shut Up and Collect Stars ! - Mario starts getting side-tracked by Coco.
  • Episode 83 - Just Shut Up and Collect Coins ! - Luigi starts getting side-tracked by Coco and forced to collect 200 coins.
  • Episode 84 - I Belive i can Fly - Luigi hypnotizes Mario into thinking he can fly.
  • Episode 85 - Run, Ruffman, Run - A misunderstanding has the law against RM, and RM himself on the run.
  • Episode 86 - Slenderman Is...! - Slenderman returns to have fun with Mario, but teams up with Herobrine and Israphel, not knowing their evil plan.
  • Episode 87 - Slender Man's Great Moment - Slendie wants to be the hero and not the villain in his story.
  • Episode 88 - Queer, Fag, Faggot - Three people named Queer, Fag, and Faggot try to rob a bank to begin their lives as criminals.
  • Episode 99 - Luigi the Raver - Luigi throws a rave party, but something goes horribly wrong.
  • Episode 90 - Techno-System - A magic computer turns SMG4 into a girl, and it's up to Mario, Luigi, and Alex to enter the computer and try to reverse the effects.
  • Episode 91 - Bob and Bobby, the Bob-ombs - Two Bob-Ombs click during a game of soccer, but SMG3 ruins everything.
  • Episode 92 - Comix - When the YouTube Rangers get stuck in Luigi's comic book, they must use their newfound super powers to defeat SMG3, the villain in the story.
  • Episode 93 - Greasier than Garfield - Mario accidentally dumps grease all over the world, turning everyone greasy.
  • Episode 94 - Time to Visit Minecraft - A mistake in the Minecraft portal leads them to Coco's animated Minecarft world instead of Steve's gameplay Minecraft world.
  • Episode 95 - A Journey in the Void - SMG4 starts dying in the Void and the group must find a regeneration potion to save him.
  • Episode 96 - Captain Steve strikes back - Captain Steve strikes back and is less captain-y than ever!
  • Episode 97 - Ransom For... - SMG3 and Bowser start making some easy cash by putting a ransom on everything.
  • Episode 98 - Hot, Hotter, Hottest, Overheated - Luigi has to stop a heat wave.
  • Episode 99 - Detonation of the A-bomb - The A-bomb is detonating and the only way to stop it is to beat Hyrule Warriors in one hour.
  • Episode 100 - Tank You - When Coco and SMG4 get in a fight, they start having a full-out war complete with tanks.


  • This Is one of the greatest seasons of the whole SM64 Blooper series.
  • Graveside Ghouls is Halloween-themed.
  • This season has more episodes featuring Pokemon than Season 1.
  • This is the last season to use the old Super Mario 64 bloopers logo.
    Super Mario 64 Bloopers The Old Logo

    The old logo

  • This season marks the return of Captain Steve from Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition).
  • This is a unique season as Luigi has the lead role in most of the episodes.
  • Coco made more Appearences in this season than Any other.
  • The Dvd Is Gonna Be Released On March 22nd 2017.