The TRUE Arena is a harder version of Boss Rush.  Zenon the Raptor and Sonic the Hedgehog are unlocked upon completion. 63% of the bosses have EXEY after their name. This implies that they are more vigorous, and harder to beat. The final boss has never been seen before, and is thus all-new...

Bosses (in random order)

  • Herobrine EXEY
  • Neo Kortex EXEY
  • Eggbot 4.9.7
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • SwagTubbie
  • Bowser (Mario Simulator)
  • Valley Guest EXEY
  • EXEY
  • Yoswer²
  • Dark Star X17
  • Paintin' Leader³
  • Eerie Leader's Espirit
  • Eidolon Mayor
  • King Boo EXEY
  • Big Boo EXEY
  • Wham Bam Jewel
  • Masked Dedede
  • Crazy Toilet Dude EXEY and Crazy Japanese Guy EXEY
  • Bot
  • Bot 2
  • Herobrine Pysche
  • Gay Luigi
  • MLGsexy wife ²³32
  • MLGsexy wife ³²23
  • Hellbent Steve
  • Tankz EXEY

​Final Elve

  1. ​EmigasFist EXEY and SuperEmiga EXEY
  2. SuperBowserGlitchyKing-Two
  3. Bowsar EXEY
  4. TheThomas6363
  5. Zenon the Raptor EXEY
  6. SuperMarioGlitchy3 EXEY
  7. The Brain X
  8. Shrewd Possessor
  9. Masked Bot
  10. Hall-9000 EXEY
  11. SuperMarioGlitchy7270 KLIGYOG1 MHL²


  • Hall 9000 EXEY and Zenon the Raptor EXEY are the only EXEY bosses which were never fought in their normal form, not to mention that Hall-9000, unlike Zenon the Raptor (who has appeared in 6 cutscénes), has never appeared elsewhere in the game. Masked Bot, The Brain X, Shrewd Possessor, MLGsexy wife, Hellbent Steve, Eidolon Mayor, Masked Dedede and Wham Bam Jewel also didn't appear elsewhere, but do not count since they're not EXEY-Bosses. Mario Simulator Bowser does not count because he appears in the exclusive Mario Simulator Mode, just like Robotnik, Eggbot and SwagTubbie.
    • ​SuperMarioGlitchy7270 KLIGYOG1 MHL² does not count with this bosses, because he's all-new; he has never appeared in any blooper, comic or other video game AND is exclusive to The TRUE Arena.
      • However, it's unknown why he attacks (or hates) the players, since he never met with them.
  • Bot and MLGsexy wife are the only bosses encountered twice in the same arena/boss rush/boss butch mode.