Yoshi 02


Boos and Teletubbies
You mean to tell me that I did all of that work for absolutley no reason?!

Yoshi is Mario's and Shy Guy's best friend. Shy Guy says he is dark green, though this is not true because he is light green. He often senses danger whenever there is, similar to Chain Chomp. Some people say he is not stupid, just easily scared of Thunderstorms. Yoshi is also heard in most bloopers saying "Boos and Teletubbies!". 


  • In A Star Spirit on Ice (no, not the Paper Mario chapter, the SM64 blooper), Yoshi revealed he is a jaywalker.
  • Yoshi owns a Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii.
  • In Big Bully's Revenge, he has the ability to swallow up a Bob-Omb even though they explode.
  • He also has a Nintendo 3DS, as shown in The Legend of Kirby: Air Ride Machines.
  • Sometimes when Yoshi says "Boos and Teletubbies!", either a boo, a teletubbie or both randomly appear.